About us

Inspirahub was created with the support of Inspira Group. Together we have created a coworking space and educational centre, and Subotica got a place where we nurture entrepreneurship, exchange of ideas, mentorship, and personal development of all those who are interested in IT and entrepreneurship. 

Subotica missed a place where young people can gather and make their ideas come to life. This was the primary motive for the help we received from Infostud Group in founding Infostudhub. By offering logistical and mentorship support our goal is to help others to have a less bumpy road to their own business success. 


Modern and functional coworking space in the very centre of Subotica, for all who need a workspace. Two open offices with a view on the city square are an ideal place for inspiration and focus, with exceptional work conditions. 

The coworking space has 24 seats, 3 meeting rooms, fast internet and more. 

Rent the space for your event

Fully equipped and modular event space in the very centre of the city.

70 seats, video beam, speakers and tech support are available at the most affordable prices.
Space can be modularly set up for different types of events – seminars, workshops, courses or panel discussions.