U sredu, 20. maja, od 20 časova, pridružite nam se na novom, besplatnom webinaru na temu Kako da proširite vaš digitalni proizvod“. Naš gost je Hektor Kolonas, preduzetnik iz SAD-a, osnivač Included.co i Syncaroo servisa, ali i veliki pokretač u preduzetničkim, coworking i drugim zajednicama.

Ovaj webinar, kao i dalja najava će biti na engleskom jeziku.

On Wednesday, 20th of May from 8pm, join us for a new, live, free webinar on the topic of „How to grow your digital service“.

Growing and running a digital business has its ups and downs, basically it’s a roller-coaster with no guarantees. In most cases, the ones we consider famous and big, seem like an overnight success. But, behind most “overnight successes” there is a lot of work, sweat and tears.

What makes a successful digital business?

How often do you have to re-invent yourself?

How do you reach worldwide markets?

How to start your digital business, and what it takes to make it grow?

We talk to Hector Kolonas, the founder of Included.co and Syncaroo, originally from Cyprus, and now based out of New Jersey about his entrepreneurial path. Besides running his own businesses, Hector is a community builder and has been involved in numerous coworking spaces, projects and initiatives. Some of which include Coworking Library, Crisis Directory, Coworking.Jobs, Women Who Cowork… and many more.

Join us for this entrepreneurship webinar, as we talk to Hector about how can his experience be translated to the Europe and Balkan regions, and growing a digital service from here to global markets.